Monday, April 2, 2012

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I'm not (too) ashamed to admit that I have had a wedding board on Pinterest since the day I discovered Pinterest and started scouring the "Wedding & Events" themed pins several months ago. We are talking early fall 2011 (for you mathematic types, that is a solid six months prior to my lady putting-a-ring-on-it).

If you aren't familiar with what Pinterest is, it is basically another location on this new-fangled thing we call the "internet" (that Al Gore clearly invented) where you can spend (waste) a lot of time if you are the right kind of person. Someone like, oh, say, my brother, for example, likely would not enjoy it (although there is a Geek as well as a Technology theme for boards and pins) as much as me, but it's pretty soul-sucking no matter who you are... I digress.

So last Fall, when the Pinterest soul-sucking first started, is when the another of aspect of my vision for our wedding was formed... "I want to do it all myself." Well, as much as I can do myself and still keep a full-time job and a partner who actually still wants to marry me when the wedding day comes. Trust me, when you start seeing all the ridiculously neat stuff that people do (and then share and then put on Pinterest for me to see and drool over) it is a natural reaction, even if it is a bit batty (yes, batty). The ideas that exist and spark in my imagination around planning a wedding - especially a wedding with two lovely ladies getting hitched and no attachment from either side to keeping to any kind of "tradition" - are endless!! Frighteningly so with the help of the world wide web.

This is not the part that scares me... I am actually head-over-heels excited about getting to actually personally create as much as possible for my wedding. You might say I'm a crafty bitch (and some of you are likely thinking also a little naive knowing how much work it will be - but I do what want). You might not say that, but that's your personal choice. 

The problem that this whole DIY (Do-It-Yourself) fire that has been lit inside of me is creating is that there are like 4,453,789 different ideas floating around in my head that cover everything from the way I tell my girls and guys I want them to be in the wedding, to what I call those people, to the colors, to the flowers (or to the lack of the flowers), to the venue to the ceremony to the table layout to the centerpieces (or lack there of) to the lights to the music to the cake (or likely lack there of).... wheeew! Stop in the name of love there Babbling Bertha. 

Now granted,  before we all get off on a tizzy,  everything I just listed off are all typical, run o' the mill things two brides to be need to be pondering. No doubt (to be fair, is anything "typical, run of the mill" when you are talking about two brides? Hmmm). However! For each category, I have what is likely equal to about 4,572 times the ideas that a bride from the oh, say 1970s may have gotten from her mom, and about 678 times the ideas that bride from 1997 got from a few bridal magazines and a book. Now, to go a step further, I want you to then double each of the exaggerated numbers I just threw out because no matter what idea I see on a blog, Pinterest, in a book, in a a magazine, or hear about from a friend - when I start trying to modify it to work for two women or simply try to accommodate my own personal style - things just get even more convoluted. Endless ideas. Endless.

In case I lost anyone (I think I kind of lost myself there for a moment), the moral of the story is that there are a lot of decisions to be made and simply making even one is really incredibly difficult. It is sort of like when you have to sit down to write a massive 20 to 40 page research paper and you have so (so!) many things to do it is hard to even pick up your pen (or open a word document for all you tech-savvy people) and just put your name on it. It overwhelming, and that's an understatement. This brings me back to Pinterest and why it is way more fun to continue to "pin" (post) things to me "If I ever have a wedding" board rather than actually hunker down and start to pin things to my recently created "So, I'm having a wedding" board (which is clear given that one has over 350 pins and the other has under 5). It's so much easier to just have all of these fun and whimsical ideas... why can't I have a wedding that uses all of them? The theme of the wedding could just be having multiple personalities (I mean, I likely do, so why stray?)...

Eventually I will actually have to start deciding on things... like a "location" and "venue" (pshhhh). But first I will have to finalize the desired "date"...
     ...In reality, we have picked a date and in reality we know where we would like to have it. However, putting that in a stone tablet (we are the Flintstones - didn't you know?) just seems so un-changeable and monochromatic. Maybe this is why people get married 4 or 5 times (kidding, love!), you get to plan 4 to 5 times as many huge and amazingly bomb-tastic parties! Deciding on one theme or one way of doing things just seems so boring and final (who needs just one way of cooking sweet potatoes, after all?). Who knew planning something so fun was going to require so many of my very least favorite things - decisions

I'll start making them soon. I think I want to stay in the brainstorming phase just a bit longer though. You do only get to do this once in your life, after all.

And don't worry, if there is one decisions I will yell loud and proud from every roof top it is that sweet potatoes will not be cooked just one way at this par-tay... Phew.


Just one more thing, did you know it is spelled Flintstones?! I did not.

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