Tuesday, April 10, 2012

it's official now (right?)

I must say that at times I have felt like this whole being engaged and going-to-be-hitched soon thing isn't real, as in R-E-A-L. The reasons for why I feel like this vary on any given day (and sometimes I don't feel this way at all!), but I think the three staple reasons are as follows:
  1. The lack of recognition of the joyous occasion by some of our loved ones (see, "telling the family and friends").
  2. Getting married in June of 2013 is really great because it gives me months to create my rockin' celebration... but it is also still 14 months away. That's over a year. I mean, it is closer than "never," yes, but it seems far off. Things like booking places (and people... and dresses... woo hoo!) won't happen for at least another month or two - those types of "officially" things will likely really help take the imagination station out of it (anyone? anyone?).
  3. The fact that we actually CAN'T be married in the eyes of the state and knowing it will be "pretend" for (quite possibly) many years to come... (Agh? Yes. I know it is silly I view this as such, but I do. Maybe we'll travel to Iowa a lot... irony)

So all that being said, get serious. I am getting married, bitches!

That is more like it.

Now, the three reasons listed above are (for the most part) logically acceptable and understandable reasons for why I have felt this way. Having been engaged almost a month now I feel confident in those three reasons explaining this phenomenon of how I feel on frequent occasions. Yes, phenomenon.

As of yesterday when the mail chic came, however, this whole ballgame took a serious turn. It's official now. Yes now, not Yesterday at 3:45pm when the mail chica had not yet come, but now. Now as in now. Between the bold, italics, and underlining, I am sure you get it now (now).

She brought us two gifts (well, not her personally, we aren't that tight with her). One in package form and one in envelope form. It is these two items that changed the weather so dramatically around my head. And, to be perfectly fair, I suppose they do actually somewhat (kind-of) work towards meeting the basic needs missing in my life given reason #1 and reason #2 above. So maybe it is not so surprising.

But, essentially, it is kind of absurd that they made me/"it" feel so much more official. 

The first thing I open was a personalized stamp. Apparently, once you become "engaged" per Facebook, they take it upon themselves to make sure that every ad you see alongside your profile and feed is very directly related to your status. Weddings, weddings, weddings, (and more weddings) is all I ever see on there. Wedding photos, engagement photos, wedding favors, wedding cakes, wedding registries, wedding venues, oh and so much more (things I didn't even know existed in wedding-land...).

In one of the first few days that these ads started to reside on my screen, I noticed an ad for something I had also gotten an email about, wedding Groupons. Now, if there is one thing I love almost as much as a good bottle of Andre champagne it's an extremely well-timed and useful Groupon. Clicking on this ad brought me to a special section of Groupon... all weddings, all the time. Seriously! There were Groupons on for almost everything wedding-related that I can think of. One of which was, indeed, this personalized stamp. "A personalized stamp?!" I thought... oh yes, this is indeed exactly what we need.

I bought the Groupon without hesitation and was chomping at the bit to be able to use it. The next day I was able to log into the website, design my stamp, and it was on its way (it was actually too easy, I would have liked to savor the experience a bit longer, fyi). Why was I so excited for this damn stamp? Because I knew I could design a stamp that did not commit me to any wedding colors, theme, people, favors, shoes, dress, or anything else. We both have names. First, middles, and last. That wasn't going to change before the wedding. I was going to get to buy something very personalized, usable for all things wedding related, and still not commit to anything wedding idea related. How great is that?
the beautiful, wonderful, and
oh-so-official stamp
"the sign," as my lady just
coined it*

I went around the house stamping everything in sight when it arrived yesterday. I was a five-year-old with a new set of Crayola markers  ready for Kindergarten (certainly not me as a 5 year old with a new set of markers, I would have never wasted my markers on just anything - but some 5 year old that is not me). When my lady came home I am confient she thought I had gone a little cray-cray (aka "crazy"), but she was clearly happy about it too. I mean, hello. It's a stamp (awesome), self-inking (awesome), it has a big ol' 'B' on it (double awesome), and both of our names (double awesome). It's permanent. I'm in love with it. Call it ridiculous, but after using the stamp and seeing its mark, everything just seemed less pretend.

This pales in comparison to the surprise in the envelope (hard to believe, right?).

When my lady got home and opened up the mail we found we had a card, addressed to both of us, from her Aunt and Uncle. With Easter the day before I assumed it was just a late Easter card (don't worry, it's not that we get a lot of Easter cards and you don't, it was just the only occasion I could think of).  There was a note tucked inside that went on to say how happy they were to hear we were getting married and how excited they were to be at our wedding. Now this my people, was big. I leapt up to get a look at the card... was it still actually an Easter card, with just a nice note?

real-life, 100% gen-u-ine cardstock.
Oh no... what to my wondering eyes should appear?

It was an engagement card. A 100% genuine "Congratulations" bearing engagement card. Our first of its kind.

On top of that, for it to come from her Aunt and Uncle just meant the world (and then some) to both of us.

It was like killing two birds with one stone, if you will. We are talking a real-life engagement card here. And then, most importantly, a real life engagement card from my lady's Aunt and Uncle. So happy. True tears of happiness found their way on to both of our cheeseball cheeks. Yep, it was one of those moments.

So really, I think this goes back to what I said very early on and apparently just don't live by. In time, everything will be golden. People, including myself need time (and boxes and envelopes filled with surprises).  Our engagement will feel "real" (our wedding will be real, ahem), family will be genuinely excited as though we were any two opposite sex peter, paul or marys, and life will be just rainbows and puppies.

I'm not a patient person.

*Her last name is blocked only for some ridiculous sense of privacy. I realize it is in vain.

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