Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's a really good day.

So life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately, and to be quite frank, the last thing I have wanted to think about was planning and paying for my wedding. The only wedding book I have been able to bear looking at is the Bridal Bargains book I was given on Saturday afternoon (thank you chica!). Bargains = REALLY appealing. Especially when thinking about planning a wedding when I...
a) didn't have a job
b) had a terrible job
c) was so upset about not having a job or at least a good job that I just decided to stop planning a wedding, period.

However, as so many of my close friends and family have attempted to drill into my head over the last two months... everything was going to work out.

And it did!

Not the way I was planning or would have liked it too, but the end result is likely exactly how it would be even if I would have still had several options to choose from (as I did last week). Certainly a few too many emotional ups and downs - but my decision is much easier given that the job I thought I might likely take was off the table and the job everyone told me I should be taking anyway, is the one I get to accept (and already have!).

I get to do what I love most, research, design, and innovate... every single day. Better yet, I still get to work for the same amazing organization and have the same incredible benefits and flexibility (and I actually get to amp that flexibility way up!).

So now that I can wrap my head around things other than my future career prospects, I can return to self-indulging myself in the endless stream of conscious writing I was really growing to love and find oh-so-cathartic.Get excited.

Also, speaking of my lady (I totally was, right?)... As she just got home from work (I called her mid-class to give her the news) to congratulate me, I said, "Thank God, right? Because you probably couldn't have handled me in this state much longer, huh?"

Her answer? (get the kleenex and wine out to go with the cheeese...) "I can handle you forever."

:cough:  :cough:

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