Thursday, April 5, 2012

thunder stealers.

from "nestorcation"
Whew! First official wedding decision complete (and I am so excited). I know, this is unexpected and seemingly spontaneous. Not really. This is (quite possibly) the only thing that my lady and I have been sure of since (before) day one of the engagement. This is the only thing that my head doesn't have a thousand ideas floating around for. Just one.

There has been no question who we want to officiate our wedding, aka, be our minister. No ideas on Pinterest or inspiration from wedding books and magazines needed or desired. Just pure gut instinct and what makes my heart happy (and my lady's, too).

Not a ton of people I know (who aren't LGBTQ) have a huge repertoire of gay couples as friends, but my dearest "nestor" not only has many, but, coincidentally, also had another of her close friends get engaged to another woman on the same exact day as us. No joke.

                           stealing. my. thunder.

I joke. Sort of.

Well, I was joking... until tonight, when (after two weeks of her and I being unable to actually see each other face to face due to me coming down with bronchitis and her having work take over her life) she announces that these two other lovely ladies asked her to officiate their wedding.


Disclaimer: To warn you, I am about to sound a little chemically imbalanced... (and straight up high maintenance, but its really just that I am an emotional emily and really get my heart set on things, I admit it.)
So, I reacted like a small child and/or crazy jealous girlfriend and just started crying when I read it (on Facebook, at that!). Now, to be fair, I had to read it online because we kept not seeing each other due to us canceling on each other like flaky flakes. She really had been trying to tell me in person for two weeks - mostly because she knows how jealous/small-childish I can be - but she finally burst after our plans fell through again last night. I love her and she was totally doing the right thing.

Talk about stealing my thunder. Not her. Them. Clearly, I don't blame her, I blame the other lesbians (actually, not really at all). Seriously though, what are the odds that you get engaged on the same day as me and then also ask one of my best friends to be the minister at your wedding?

Come on coincidence, try being on my side. Just for like, one day. That's all.

Moving on. I called her tonight (at the request of my love who was a little appalled that I was crying like a five year old reading Facebook) to ask her (and let her know that I didn't hate her). She was jubilant (although skeptical I wasn't just messing with her) and accepted, and we are thrilled. Significantly anticlimactic in comparison to how I wanted to ask her, but momentous and happy nevertheless.  

Lesson learned: Never worry that two other women can steal your thunder. My wedding will be fabulous and no one can ruin that by just existing.  Ignore others. Well, that's what "nestor" claimed anyway (pretty sure when she started throwing around "whores" and "nothing else matters" she was just trying to make me feel better - but you know, it worked). 

our minister and me :)
Now I just have to figure out how I am going to ask my other ladies and gents that I want to be in the wedding to be part of the fiesta. I know everything does't have to be a big deal, I just want it to be perfect and oh-so-special (not to mention we have to actually figure out what we are going to call the wedding party and what they are going to do, as I don't see us going by the book on this). This will be the only gay marriage a lot of these people are witnesses too and I want perfection. Not in the bridezilla way, just in the ashley boven way.

Here's to more decisions!


  1. I like the "Not in the bridezilla way, just in the ashley boven way." For some reason this post made me think of trying to pick out some gift for softball and how we wanted it to be soo original and then I think we went with flowers or something! :) I had better see one picture of you with flowers saying "i'd like to thank..." Good luck with all the planning cant wait to keep reading and see whre this goes. Seems like this blog could be made into a book, or aleast an oxygen channel movie! :)

  2. I'd take a contract with Oxygen! :)

    Thank you, Denise! (and the flowers were great, I still have the "i'd like to thank..." picture)