Monday, May 7, 2012

"Gracias!" (Part 2) - The Laundry List

"Thank you!"

Oh, and by the way, what am I thanking you for again?

That sounds way more Mean Girls than intended. Let me explain.

So about seventeen weeks ago I left a real cliff-hanger. Well, maybe. (It also may have only been about two weeks ago... far too long, either way.)

However, this evening (on the way back into the house after a usual summer-time-even-though-it-rained-all-day-and-was-unseasonably-chilly King Soopers ice cream run), when my lady made and shared the exact same observation that I had originally intended my last post to be about, I decided I have to find the time.

As is clearly apparent by my last few posts as well as my lack of posting - we have a lot going on. Did you know we are getting married? Crazy, right? In fact, not only do we have a lot of things going on, but we have a lot of things that generally - per social etiquette (bazinga!) - warrant a "congratulations!"

And hence the two-part post.

Initially, this post was sparked by a co-worker I do not often see coming up to my desk and saying, "congratulations!" and me going, "thank you! I'm really excited!" I thought she was referring to the fact that I had just been offered the new job. Admittedly, I was impressed by her promptness - I had only just found out the afternoon prior and had only announced it to one person in the whole office. As she walked away she made a comment like, "sorry I was so late in finding out, I tend to find things out by word of mouth way after the fact." I laughed, said something like "oh no worries! thank you! it's still very new to me too!" and we both carried on. At first I thought she was silly for apologizing - I mean, she was really on top of things in my eyes (especially for someone I rarely get a chance to see, let alone talk to). As I went back to my email I realized that she was clearly congratulating me on my engagement, not my new job. She had no clue about the job. No one did yet. Bah.

This has happened on numerous other occasions. Sometimes I am being congratulated on the engagement, sometimes the job, sometimes something totally and utterly unrelated.

Since that day, I feel like I have been catapulted into this world where I have no idea what I am saying "thank you" for. Not that this is a bad thing - I am so lucky to have so many amazing things happening in my life. So lucky. That being said, in my head I feel incredibly guilty about the blanket (or perhaps "heavy-down-comforter" is the more accurate adjective)  "thank you." I am genuinely extremely thankful for anyone who takes time out of their day to congratulate me - no matter the reason - I just feel bad saying: "Oh, for what? I'm so overwhelmingly lucky right now I have a laundry list of things to be grateful for at this time.  Please choose the appropriate menu option using your touch tone phone. As our menu has recently changed, please be sure to listen to each option before making a selection. Press 1 for wedding. Press 2 for the new fabulous job. Press 3 for the new house. Press 4 for anything else. Thank you."

because THAT is a touch-tone

So yes, I am so oh-so-very-thankful for every single well-wish I receive, but I do feel like a bit of a damn idiot at times. Daft, in fact.

So, mint chocolate chip ice cream in hand, my lady shared a similar story to one of my own as we walked back into the house. Apparently she and a co-worker had a similar interchange, although I can't recall what the exact configuration of the mix up was (I was too distracted by the fact that she was having the same issue as the blog post I had never gotten around to writing). As she did not recently get a new job, this is a newer phenomenon for her with us in house hunting land. 

Which, of course, brings me to what I have said but not yet celebrated... we are under contract on a house! This may (help to) explain why I feel like I am being pulled in a million different directions,  and wedding planning and blogging have simply not been a priority. I mean, I turned the big 2-7 last week. I have things to do. Ha. 

We wanted to buy a house now so that it wasn't another thing we had to think about and be concerned with next Spring as wedding festivity planning got more intense. Moving + Wedding = Scary. However, I think that financially, either way, whew! Exciting but nerve-wracking. Having a (little) bit of a freak out today, it appears. A few too many trips to the dentist and a dog with a hematoma just seems to be adding on to (or into?) the crazy wheelbarrow. Oh sweet meatballs.

All that said, with our first wedding related soiree this weekend I am eager and excited to get back into wedding mode and start making some decisions. Loving it. What a wonderful world, right?

"thank you" "tesekkür ederim" "grazie" "спасибо" "merci" "obrigado" "gracias"

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