Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the other woman!

Sometimes I feel like this blog is my other girlfriend. Yes, seriously. I think about "her" (?) constantly. When I run, I write posts in my head. When I go to sleep, I think about posts to write. Throughout my day at work and out in the world I am sparked by things at every turn that make me think about my other woman, my blog.

There, curiosity immediately smashed.

Now, with all of that pomp and circumstance you might ponder to yourself, "then why on earth are you posting less than once a week?"

 Please, let me share a Boven proof (you can view the original and infamous Boven proof below).

Let B represent "blogging."
Let L represent "life."  
Let O represent "overwhelming." 

   B = O
   L = O

Consequently, if B = O and L = O, then B + L = 2*O

Therefore, living life and blogging at the same time on a regular basis must be twice as overwhelming. 

While the proof is true (clearly), I actually really miss not being able to blog as much lately. In other words, I really miss the other woman in my life. 

As much as it can be overwhelming when I feel like I need get something posted, I actually just really love doing the writing. It is likely the single most cathartic and therapeutic thing I can do for myself - I would go as far to say that it actually ties with going to my head doctor each week... and I pay him the big bucks. 

Perhaps I should reconsider that?
The original Boven-Betz proof that truly started it all (namely, me always being right?)
(You'll notice my edit on the address. I didn't think the world needed to know exactly where we live.)

At our amazing and wonderful engagement party this weekend (more on that soon), I was given the great advice to not worry about always having a fully flushed out post - but even post a short and sweet brief thought or even a picture... whatever I can, just so I get some satisfaction for the day. I like the advice. A lot.

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