Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So, my lady and I were ALMOST going to be able to "civil union" each other... 


You know, it is the classic storyline of every great love story and romantic comedy... 

The girl gets taken out to nice picnic in the mountains, her significant other pulls something out of her pocket, gets down on one knee, and then she asks, "honey, will you civil union me?"

Been there, heard that one before.

Oh wait. Maybe I haven't. Maybe it is kind of ridiculous. Yet, nevertheless - even the most basic civil rights of a "civil union" are denied to us here in Colorado. 

I do find it confusing (and I don't say that very often, let's be honest here). I mean, it's one thing when you hear ignorant and fear-filled people shouting and twisting the words of their own religion to spread hate and fear to avoid their "sanctity of marriage" from being destroyed. 

However, as much as I still think civil unions are a mockery of what same-sex couples deserve, how ridiculous is it that religion is shaping government policy as such? "Civil Union" in no way mentions or includes the word "marriage," yet, somehow, we (and by "we" I mean "they") can still use the same religiously charged arguments about what marriage means and how same-sex couple should not have any rights? 

It just boggles my mind.

Luckily, it clearly boggles the minds of others in this nation.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Blasts Gov. Christie's Proposed Gay Marriage Referendum:
In an unprecedented public divergence with Gov. Chris Christie, Newark Mayor Cory Booker said today he is firmly against leaving the question of gay marriage up to a referendum. "I shudder to think what would have happened if the civil rights gains, heroically established by courageous lawmakers in the 1960s, were instead conveniently left up to popular votes in our 50 states," Booker said in a statement. With the gay marriage debate advancing in Trenton today, Gov. Christie, who has long said he would veto a gay marriage bill, said "I need to be governed by the will of the people." But Booker countered that leaders are elected to make difficult decisions, not submit to a public referendum. "Equal protection under the law – for race, religion, gender or sexual orientation – should not be subject to the most popular sentiments of the day," Booker said. "Marriage equality is not a choice. It is a legal right. I hope our leaders in Trenton will affirm and defend it."

It Could Happen To You: It has been said that sharing personal stories is one of the most effective ways to change people's hearts and minds. This is my story and I hope you are inspired to share it with others.

Civil unions debate rages in Colorado

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