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Formerly known as the not-so-traditional-bride, now traveling in to the unknown world of "the rest of my life." With the big 3-0 and hopefully maybe a munchkin in the not-so-distant future, I figure there's no reason to stop the blogging now.

Having recently discovered (on a delightful Friday afternoon with my therapist) that writing is one of the powerful ways I have of processing, digesting, and expressing myself, it's time to bring this back for the sake of my sanity, if nothing else.

I sew, paint, craft, crochet, bake, run, kick, punch, walk, read, garden, and geek out on video games. There's a lot going on in my head, at all times, day and night.

My wifey (yes indeed, she has officially been upgraded from "my lady") and I have a saying (it was even in our vows) that only one of us "gets to park in the crazy parking spot" at a time, and let's be honest, I usually occupy that spot. Spending as much time there as I do, life gets pretty ridiculous (well, usually only in hindsight). I figure it's a bit selfish to keep all that fun to myself, so here we go...

Email: ashleymboven@gmail.com

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